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Perfect choice
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Advertise your business
Advertise your business
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Maximize revenue
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Reach new customers
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Natural Link Building

SEO Questions & Answers :

Why don't websites rank very well ? This is not easy to answer because there are so many problems with certain websites that we would have to look at each site to define the answer . So i will list a few major problems .

1. Poorly written Tile Tags , Poorly written descriptions , Lack of Meta tags , site is too new , Not enough content on each important page. remember 350 words minimum , not using no-folllow tags , No redirects ( 301 ) . no 404 meta tags . Not using a site map , Crawl Errors and i mentioned just a few. We even see currently Seo Companies who claim to be Seo have the same errors ! November 29 2012

Why does my website need advertising ? . Think of it like this ( and i am still not 100% sure on theses numbers because of the alarming rate they change. ) as of June 2012 there are 5,466,004,403 websites Now that is huge ! Now i am not saying your competing against all of them . in your market im sure its in the 100,000 range and more. So how do you think your website will show up on the first page or second being brand new ? Let me tell you your website needs Help . Advertising is one of the fastest ways to show up on the first or second page . Now to slowly build your site it needs to be optimized . And the link build process must begin

What does my website needs links ? and back linking ? Simple, Links provide a path to other websites and information that is important . Back linking is other websites linking back to yours , They are voting for your website , the more votes you get the more popular you become and i Higher value is placed on your website, Hence the term Page Rank . Page Rank is something you must work at Your not going to get a thousand back links to your site buy remaining idle . It takes work and a lot of it!

How much does it cost for my website to start showing up on the Internet Super Highway ?

It depends on Your Budget . We have solutions starting at just $99 dollars we call this the poor mans SEO ( it's our base package which includes New meta Tags , keywords,descriptions ) and some Great Advice .  If the Simple SEO will get you listed in the searches ! It Workz !

Our Package starts at $399.00 and believe you get a lot of services , More than enough to get you started, Theses Packages are listed on the Pricing page with a detailed descriptions. Please Take your time to read the pricing page and descriptions . Thank You

How long does Search Engine Optimization take ? Well this is the million dollar question . SEO is not a process that ends , Optimizing is an on going process so it never stops ! Just to get started 1-2 weeks . Your site needs to be crawled by Search engines and indexed . And now the process begins . Promote your site , Have sales . And start telling the world You have a Website ! Now is the time .