Domain names  for your mobile website

( .MOBI )  So many businesses are missing out on valuable search engine results by not having a website built for mobile phones. Benefit #1 a mobile website Loads Faster than a full size website and thats huge ! when your mobile user is looking for you and doesn not have to wait 2 minutes for your regular website to load ( which by the way costs the cell phone user more money becuse of the data usage ) . This is very annoying for a cell phone user , plus having to restrecth all the content in order to read  it ! That my friend is NOT user-Freindly.

With  over 2 billion cell phone users and a huge growth in this market,  the .mobi  website extensions are the best way for your new mobile website to get recognized on any handheld device.

FEATURES  (1) .mobi domains perform much better in search engines. (2) .mobi domains are designed to work with Mobile hand held devices. (3) .mobi domains can be easily navigated and found  when doing a web search, because of whitelisting by network-level transcoders. Having a .mobi website can bring you to the top of serach engine results pages, Now thats Quality !

The Mobile Web is becoming the fastest growing market in the world and your business can be part of it.  Your Seo will benefit just by haveing a High Quality .mobi domain name


  • DONT- Let a third party transcoder change your website content by modifying the size to fit the smaller screens1 This can be ugly for all users and very annoying.
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