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Advertise your business
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Maximize revenue
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Reach new customers
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  • With Adsenseyou get paid Make Money with adsense,You will get paid for your ads.
  • Reaching New Customers Thousands of New customers will see your website on page 1 or page 2 on a google search

Advertising Services : What Are They ?

Search Engine Optimization : This is another form of Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing : This is how we promote your website to increase your visibility on the web , There are many ways to do this including paying for a placement for your website to show up in the search engines.

Contextual Advertising : This is a form of targeting your website to get more clicks. We use google Google Adsense to achieve this . Its a way of getting ads on your website.

Pay Per Click Advertising : This is were we will bid on certain keywords & Phrases relevant to your market .The reason behind this form of advertising is to drive a high volume of traffic to your website . A fee is charged every time someone clicks on the ad . Google has a automated system to protect against abusive clicks.

Cost per impression : yet another form of online advertising . CPM can bet applied with text links , banners and through e-mail . Face book uses this type of advertising . Cpm is cost per thousand

Paid Inclusion : This is a service where fees are charged to submit your website in search engines index pages . It just another way of getting your website to show up in their searches .

Adwords Advertising : This service allows us to create ads for your business on Google search engines .This is a paid service where your ads show up on the search engine page on the right side or at the top which costs more to be on the top of the page . This type of ad targets your niche' ( keywords ) . This form of advertising is a big way for your business to be seen on the web , and this is what you want because your just starting out , there has to be a way for your business to have a presence . One important Fact you only pay for customers to click on this type of ad the world can still see your company name .

Adsense Advertising : This Type of Advertising makes you money on your website by allowing google to place ads on your website . and there are many types and sizes to . You will be paid a commission per click from google , nice huh ?

Social Media Marketing : Yet another form of advertising your business on Face book or You Tube which as we all know gets plenty of traffic and both websites have a high Page rank of 9 . We will assist you in setting up theses accounts and advertise on them which is similar to our other advertising campaigns. Or with our monthly maintenance programs we will set them up for you